Letter from our Pastor

Dear Friends in Christ,

It is always a pleasure to share with new parishioners the great works that are done here at St. Francis. Time and again the Holy Spirit has empowered this community to continue Jesus’ mission of mercy and justice. This is the Spirit stirring the fire of love in your homes, neighborhoods, and at work. Within our website you will find many ministries that historically came from Small Church Communities. These communities over the years have grown larger and new works are being added all the time. Therefore, take a little time to browse throughout our website. Pray about the ministries. Let the Holy Spirit guide you to share a ministry with the community.

Lastly, our church is what it is because the people of St. Francis are dedicated to a common goal. “We strive to live the Gospel way of life. We welcome stranger and friend alike sharing our lives and resources with all people. We are stewards of creation and peacemakers whose message is one of joy and simplicity (from our Mission Statement).”

May our loving God continue to bless our parish as we help make the world the place God created it to be.

“Peace and all good things.”

Fr. Tom Schmidt, Pastor