Vocations Committee

Our mission is to promote a vibrant culture of self-giving love within St. Francis of Assisi parish to foster life-giving vocational discernment and continual support for those already committed to a vocation. God has given each of us a heart to love Him and the world uniquely, and we hope to encourage parishioners to seek the particular way in which Jesus is calling them to follow Him—whether through religious life, marriage, chaste single life, or priesthood. If you are currently discerning one of these paths, please email us for more information and community support.

Activities & Events:
First and foremost, those in the Vocations Ministry are committed to praying for an outpouring of vocations at the parish (Luke 10:2). We also plan activities to promote awareness of vocations throughout the parish community.  Some of these activities include the vocations novena, creating a vocations video series, and sponsoring a Vocations Panel, where we hear the testimony and advice of those living out various vocations. Future activities depend on the level of interest in the parish and could include organizing smaller events & discussions with those interested in a particular way of life, so please email us if you are currently discerning your vocation!

Time Commitment:
Besides the commitment of daily prayer, the time commitment is not extensive. We have 3 or 4 meetings per year, where we plan for the upcoming activity and discuss the vocational climate at the parish. Members also set up and clean up at events as they occur. Finally, members should be willing to form a community of support for those discerning their call—through email, personal conversation, and referrals.

Helpful Attributes:
The most necessary attribute is a love of Jesus Christ. It is necessary to be committed to follow Him closely if we are to help others discern how they are to do so.  It is also crucial to have a love for Mary, who is the mother of all vocations. Further, willingness to have conversations with others about their vocation is necessary, and any experience discerning different vocations is helpful.

Introduction to Vocations
Vocation Interview: Priesthood
Vocation Interview: Religious Sister
Vocation Interview: Religious Brother
Vocation Interview: Consecrated Single Woman
Vocation Interview: Married Couple