Sunshine Meals Ministry

Parishioners are always dealing with health challenges, new babies, sudden illness or any number of significant life events. In addition to our prayer support, we can also provide support in the form of delivered meals, helping to ease the burden for caregivers and showing the church’s compassion on an individual level. Sunshine Meals ministry coordinates a series of meals for parishioners facing challenges. Parishioners can contact Sunshine Meals ministry to arrange for a person/family to receive approximately 2-3 meals a week for approximately a month. (Actual parameters for meals and duration may vary on availability and need.)

Activities & Events:

The Sunshine Meals ministry lead contacts members by email to coordinate sign-ups via Meal Train; this online tool helps the group schedule meals, as well as provide drop-off location, allergy and food information, etc. Ministry members are responsible for preparing and delivering the meal, as well as the costs associated with providing a meal.

Time Commitment:

There is no requirement to provide a certain number of meals to be part of this ministry; members simply sign up as their schedules allow. The only requirement is to deliver the meals for which you’ve signed up. We have no regular meetings and coordinate by email/phone as needed.

Helpful Attributes:

  • Willingness to serve others
  • Enjoy cooking or baking for others
  • Good organization skills


Meghann Naveau