Bulletin Articles & Mass (pulpit) Announcements & Monitor Display

Bulletin Articles

Please send articles for the bulletin via email to: bulletin@sfacc.org.

Articles for the bulletin must be copy ready and received by the parish no later than on the Monday before the weekend you want it to be in the bulletin.


Pulpit Announcements

(at this time we are not accepting requests for pulpit announcements)

Once we return to providing Pulpit Announcements, send your request via email to: pulpit@sfacc.orgMass or pulpit announcements must be in the office by Wednesday noon.  Announcements should be 25 words or less and will be reviewed by the Pastor.

Monitor Displays

(for Parish events)

Create a jpg graphics file with the following pixel size: 960 x 480 (2:1 ratio)

Send the completed file, along with dates to display to vhume@sfacc.org.

Of course, all of these requests may also be given to the parish Receptionist during normal office hours; Monday – Thursday, 9:30am – 5:00pm and 9:30am – 2:30pm (Friday). It is strongly suggested that all submissions be submitted as early as possible to allow for preparation time.