Our Mission: The Saint Francis of Assisi Parish Library serves the spiritual and educational growth of our community by providing a dynamic and collaborative resource collection of quality materials in the Roman Catholic tradition.

General Information:

We invite you to visit the Parish Library located in the Gathering Space looking out on the St. Francis Garden.  We have an excellent collection of books, DVDs, and CDs. All browsers and readers are welcome.

Check-out is self-service so you may visit the library Monday through Sunday. Directions for check-out is listed on the library desk in the library.  A file box is located on the top ledge of the library desk. Return instructions are also listed on the desk.  Books may be borrowed for 1 month. Multimedia for 2 weeks.  If you need more time, you may renew the item by locating the sign-out card in the file box and re- signing the card.  When returning an item, please deposit the item in the return section of the library desk. Please do not reshelve.

Time Commitment:

The core committee meets once a month.  The chief function of the committee is to staff, stock and maintain the library.  Also to research and acquire resources that support parishioner inquiries and interests, and the mission of other parish ministries.

Helpful Information:

Books and multimedia are shelved in categories by author.  A listing of categories and color assignments is posted on a library shelf.

St. Francis of Assisi Parish Library Category Links

Catechism & General Theology                             Liturgy                                                    Sacrament

Church                                                                      Marriage & Family                              Saints, Mary, & Biographies

General Inspiration                                                 Moral & Social Justice                        Scripture

Jesus Christ                                                                 Prayer                                                    Spirituality

Life Issues                                                                   Reference                                              World Religion

CDs (all categories)                                                   DVDs (all categories)

For more information contact: Jane Moore