OUR MOTTO:  “Giving of your time to serve these families the way St. Martha served the Lord is our ministry’s vocation.”


Martha Ministry is comprised of 115 volunteers (men and women) who work together to provide a luncheon after a funeral for family and friends here at St. Francis of Assisi Church.  These volunteers do food preparation, food service and hall setup and cleanup. There are three areas of volunteer commitment: (1) one group of volunteers prepares, cooks/bakes and delivers the food items to the church the day of the funeral lunch; (2) another group assists in the setup of the hall, the food display and preparation of drinks for the buffet table; and (3) finally, others offer their services to help with cleanup of the hall and kitchen. The cost of the entree’ is the family’s responsibility.  The Martha Ministry volunteers provide casseroles, salads and desserts. The Church provides coffee, iced tea, lemonade and paper ware. The Martha Ministry chairperson talks to a family/friend representative to determine the number of people expected to provide an adequate number of dishes for
the luncheon.

Activities & Events:

The primary obligation of Martha Ministry is to provide a luncheon after a funeral.  There is, however, a secondary responsibility of our Ministry; i.e., “Parish Celebrations”.  We host the 4th of July Mass and Labor Day Mass, inviting our friends and neighbors from St. Charles Borromeo.  After these Masses, we provide a breakfast (coffee, donuts, bagels and fruit) to encourage fellowship between the two parishes.  And, if there is a retirement, significant birthday, etc., the volunteers of Martha Ministry would plan and host those events.

Time Commitment:

Funerals plus luncheons occur on an unpredictable schedule.  With the size of our Ministry, your involvement should not be that frequent unless we have many funerals during a month.  The secretary of the Ministry keeps track of when you contributed a dish or worked, so you should not be called twice in a row.

Helpful Attributes:

Willingness to work    

Enjoy laughter while working


While it may seem we have many volunteers, more are always welcome.  Many hands make for light work and additional volunteers help to provide everyone a chance to serve this great Ministry.
Carol Mauro, (937) 434-8678,

Marleene & Frank Berardi, (937) 434-6097,