Worship Commission

The Worship Commission exists to serve the parish through the evaluation and strategic improvement of our Liturgy.

Our goal is to help nurture and deepen the faith of our community members by actively engaging hearts and minds more fully in the meaning and experience of the Liturgy.

The work of the Commission involves investigating, considering and developing practical recommendations for enhancing and celebrating the faith life of our community.

St. Francis members who regularly attend worship and are willing to help improve the liturgical experience of our parish are welcome to join this commission.

Commission members are responsible to learn what is appropriate concerning liturgy and worship so that meaningful evaluation and evolution can occur.

Meetings are held on the third Tuesday of the month and will last about 2 hours. Minimal outside research is sometimes needed to be prepared for the meeting topics.

Training includes: Consistent meeting attendance and individual research into liturgical topics as needed. Occasionally Archdiocese and Parish seminars

become available for personal and parish enrichment.

Contact: Jeannett Fromm.