Building & Grounds


The group name will possibly be changed to “St. Joseph Helpers” to separate from the planning group.  
We perform most repairs when safety and skill allow around the parish grounds and building including grass mowing, tree trimming, edging of sidewalks,  brush pick up after storms, along with repairs to the building.

Activities & Events:

Currently we are planning for spring activities which include but not limited to: restaining the shelter, painting the equipment shed, and other misc. projects. Projects are discussed at the monthly men’s club meeting and suggestions taken to what is needed.  We also provide input and guidance to any Men’s club projects along with helping Eagle Scout projects.

Time Commitment:

Each project is quite different.  Time commitment may be only a few hours to an hour a week.  You can volunteer for as many or as few hours as your schedule permits  Due to use of
power tools we limit help to over
the age of 18.

Helpful Attributes:

The most helpful attribute is a willingness to learn and take directions.  Often you could be the one with the skill set and then help others perfect that skill.  We will gladly provide leadership and guidance.


Calvin Frank  


Steve Berns