Welcoming Team


The welcoming ministry is a group of people who share in the responsibility of visiting  the new parishioners who newly register with St. Francis Parish.

Activities & Events:

The new parishioners are visited at a mutually agreed location, possibly at their home, a coffee shop or before or after mass.  We present them with a welcoming gift from the parish, and provide information on the activities of the church. The visit will give the new parishioners a chance to ask any question about the parish and
it’s community.

In addition, three times a year a Meet and Greet event is held at St Francis with the Welcoming Team and the Pastor of the church. This gives the new members a chance to meet with our Priest and give them a chance to introduce themselves to him.

Time Commitment:

Anyone who is comfortable making phone calls and willing to meet with newly registered members. Time needed for each visit  depends on you.

Helpful Attributes:

This is a great way to meet new people and make new friends. It also gives new members a way  to feel more comfortable in their newly chosen parish.


Patrick or Michéle O’Christie


937 291-3043