The Lector is called to proclaim the Word of God as found in Scripture in a manner that makes the Word fresh and meaningful to the People of God in the pews. It is one of the most important roles in our liturgical celebrations.


Each Lector receives a copy of the Lector Workbook for the current Liturgical Year to assist them in preparing the readings, identify suggested emphasis and correct pronunciation of unfamiliar words. Preparation should include prayer and practice. The lector must initial their name on the sacristy schedule, 15 minutes prior to the beginning of Mass or a substitute will be recruited.

Time Commitment:

The Lector schedule is prepared every three months and designed to accommodate the Lector’s Mass preference. To remain a Lector, attendance at a Lector Workshop once a year is expected.

Helpful Attributes:

Love of scripture and liturgy, clear pronunciation, familiarity with use of a microphone, ability to project voice.


Skip Fromm