Sacristan Ministry


The role of Sacristan at St. Francis of Assisi is that of a mass coordinator, working in harmony with the presider and/or deacon, to ensure the liturgical books and other things necessary for the celebration of the mass are in place. (GIRM No. 105).  

Activities & Events:

A Sacristan at St. Francis ensures the proper lighting and sound setting, the Roman Missal and Book of the Gospels are open to the proper readings, the book of petitions and announcements is available; and the proper number of chalices, ciboria, purificators, cruets, hand towels, hosts, and wine and any special items such as oils and incense are placed on the credence table and entry table. The Sacristan will also verify that sufficient numbers of Eucharistic Ministers, Lectors and Servers are available and wearing the proper color cinctures.    

Time Commitment:

A Sacristan arrives at least 30 minutes prior to the start of the Mass, to begin verifying and setting out items for the celebration.  The Sacristan duties require about 15 minutes after mass to verify the cleaning and storage of items or resetting for the next mass.

Helpful Attributes:

Many of the duties of the Sacristan evolve around those of the Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion.  Therefore it would be helpful if a person has performed that role. Other attributes that are appropriate are:  the ability to carry out the work in a devout manner, leading others involved with liturgy to embrace their roles with calm and dignity; and have attention to detail.  The role of the Sacristan supports the setup for the celebration of the Mass, but also responds in case something else is required during the celebration.

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If you are interested in serving as a sacristan please contact Danny Sprouse