St. Francis has discontinued the use of the MyParish App.  Please uninstall the app at your earliest convenience!

We launched a new custom made app via Catholic Ed Connect on Christmas Day 2019! 

With the new app you will have access to the most current St. Francis news and information. We will also have various resources in the app for your spiritual growth. 

We are automating many of our processes within the app so that you can complete and submit them quickly and easily from your mobile devices or personal computer. 

The St. Francis Parish app is free, but unlike other free mobile apps, there are no advertisements and your account data will not be sold or made available to anyone outside of our parish staff; and our app will not increase your digital footprint.

Starting to use our app is a simple three step process.

(If you have already downloaded and registered to the Parish app skip to Step #3)

  1. Download the app (use the links below) 
  2. Complete the registration information for our app.  Complete Registration Once you have downloaded our app, register for the app by tapping on the “Create New Account” text on the login page. Once you add your e-mail address and first and last name, you will be sent a confirmation email to finalize your registration. Tap on the Activate Account Button in the email you receive and enter the password that you wish to use for the app. 
  3. Fill out your “Profile”. If you are on a PC, you will then be automatically logged into the app. The first time you login to a mobile device, make sure you Accept Receiving Mobile Notifications from our app. Next, click on the Menu Icon and scroll down to the bottom of the menu selecting Profile Settings and select Complete your Profile. Data entered into your User Profile will automatically populate into digital forms. Next tap on the Choose Preferences tab in your profile to choose whether you wish to receive E-mail Notifications for content that is published to you. If you do not want to receive email notifications when content is published, you can turn them off. We do recommend if you are using a PC that you don’t turn them off. Otherwise, you will have no way of knowing when content is published that you need to see. Finally, tap on the Choose Content tab from the Profile to join the content groups that you are interested in receiving content from. If you are on a personal computer, make sure you click on the Save Profile button to save your settings.

The app is available at the following links:

Apple App Store

Google Play

Browser Based Link for PC’s

Blessings and thanks,

The St. Francis of Assisi App Team