Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion

(formerly Eucharistic Ministers)


Members of this ministry assist the priest and deacon with the distribution of Holy Communion at weekend and Holy Day Masses.

“ Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion refers not to a person’s talent, but rather refers to the fact that the “extraordinary minister” is not the usual minister of Holy Communion.  The “ordinary minister”, or usual minister of Holy Communion is the priest (and deacon) and the “extraordinary minister” is a layperson.”

Activities & Events:

Ministers are assigned to their preferred Mass time and day.  They are responsible for assisting the sacristan with setting up before Mass, and with preparing the vessels for the next Mass.  

A review of these details and others will be reviewed in the training session one is to go through prior to serving as an extraordinary minister.  Many questions arise as it relates to this ministry. A helpful item is too look at the “Frequently Asked Questions” published by the Archdiocese at the web link noted below.

Time Commitment:

There is a training session to learn the spirituality, theological and mechanics of the ministry.  When the roster is full, ministers serve about every four weeks. There are also many other opportunities to serve if one so wishes.  In addition to weekend Masses one can be scheduled for opportunities to serve as volunteers at Holy Day Masses, weddings, and some weekday Masses.

Helpful Attributes:

Anyone who is interested in serving the parish in this way, has received the sacrament of confirmation, and is willing to make the commitment is welcome to participate.  For additional information on this ministry, Click Here to visit the Archdiocese’s website on Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion.


Contact: Al & Sue Fullenkamp