Intercessory Prayer Chain


The Intercessory Prayer Chain Ministry provides prayers for many aspects of our life, like health, finances, children, marriage, jobs, travel, leaders in church and country, and of course, world peace. It includes praying for the petitions and prayer requests listed in the Book of Prayer Intentions.  Praying for others is at the root of our Christian belief.

Who Can Participate:

This is a ministry in which everyone can participate, including stay at home moms/dads, the home bound, families saying evening prayer together, etc. If you are in need of prayers please send your prayer request to Bette Davis via email:

Time Commitment:

A call to this ministry consists of one dedicated to interceding and praying
to God for the intentions of others, including family, friends, and community at large on a daily basis.  

Helpful Attributes:

An Intercessor is a  person who has a love of God and neighbor and is willing to take the time to pray for others.


Bette Davis


Sample Prayers of the Faithful