Couples should contact the Parish Office at least six months in advance of the marriage date, or sooner.  See the Marriage Preparation Guidelines for further details.

Marriage Ministry

Description:  Working with our ordained clergy, we help engaged couples prepare for their wedding day and future together. We are comprised of mentoring couples and wedding coordinators as well as Natural Family Planning consultants and Marriage Encounter liaisons.

Activities: We administer and facilitate the Fully Engaged pre-marriage inventory and guide couples through discussion of their similarities and differences. We also help couples prepare their wedding ceremony; guide them, their families and friends through the wedding rehearsal; and assist on the wedding day so the couple can focus on the spiritual aspects of their important day.

Time Commitment: After an initial Fully Engaged instrument training session, mentoring couples meet with one or two engaged couples per year for three one-hour sessions. Wedding coordinators assist and help plan a minimum of two weddings per year at both the rehearsal and ceremony.

Helpful Attributes: Married couples who have experienced life’s joys and challenges together and are looking to enrich their own marriage while working with others; couples or single people who are organized, friendly, and love weddings.

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