The Giving Tree


The Giving Tree Ministry with the cooperation of St. Francis of Assisi parish and various local and city agencies identifies families that would have little or nothing in the way of material goods for celebrating Christmas. The Giving Tree provides parishioners with an opportunity to give gifts or donations of money for grocery gift cards to enrich the Christmas of  needy families in our area.


Activities & Events:

The Giving Tree Ministry collects information concerning family needs then decorates trees with tags with gift requests.  After parishioners select tags and return the gifts, the ministry sorts and distributes them to the various families and agencies.


Time Commitment:

The Giving Tree project begins the first week of November and concludes the middle of December.  Committee members organize the project, create tags, sort gifts and distribute them. You may volunteer to be part of the core committee and participate in most of the tasks or you may volunteer to help with just one aspect of the project.  Time commitment can vary from just a few hours to several hours over the duration of the project.


Helpful Attributes:

The Giving Tree Ministry just requires that you have a desire to assist others in need and the ability to work cooperatively with other committee members


Contact: Annie Pryor, 937-902-3988