Ministry to the Sick & Homebound


This ministry is composed of people dedicated to bringing Holy Communion to the members of our parish who are homebound due to illness or infirmity, and are unable to attend Mass.


In addition to bringing Communion to the homebound, ministry members plan and assist with the Anointing Mass which is held during a weekday Mass twice a year.  Breakfast is served after one of these Masses by ministry members.

Bellbrook Rehabilitation Center is the facility assigned to St Francis of Assisi for the provision of spiritual care.  Several members of the ministry bring Communion on Sundays to the Catholic Residents of Bellbrook Rehabilitation Center.  When there are a number of Catholics residents at Bellbrook Rehabilitation, we also coordinate and assist with Mass on the second Thursday of each month  for the residents living there. There is an orientation and training session for each new member of this ministry. As extraordinary Eucharistic Ministers, we also participate in the Parish Eucharistic Minister Training that occurs each year.

Nursing Home Residents:

If a relative or loved one is admitted to a nursing home, assisted living or rehabilitation center, please make certain that you speak to the appropriate administrator and request that your loved one’s name be placed on the Catholic Communion and Visitation list.  These facilities have no way of knowing that your loved one is in need of services unless the request is made. The Catholic Church that has been assigned to your love one’s facility will provide Holy Communion and spiritual services.

Time Commitment:

A ministry member should expect to spend 30-60 minutes a week visiting the parishioner to whom they take communion. The time that Holy Communion is brought to the sick is arranged, at a time convenient for the Eucharistic Minister to the and sick and homebound person.  These times vary and may be arranged during the week or on weekends.

Helpful Attributes:

Interest in helping the sick, compassion, positive attitude, listening skills, a willingness to follow the guidelines given and a sense of commitment and the ability to maintain confidentiality.

Contact:  Cathy Arnold or Carol Comer