Music Ministry


Music Ministry is a family within the larger St. Francis family coming together to praise and pray with instrument and song. Making music together is a great way to grow your faith as an individual or a family and serve the larger community at the
same time.

Activities & Events:

We sing and play at all regular Masses and Holy Day Masses as well as many other events throughout the year.

Time Commitment:

Our “season” runs roughly September through the second week of June. Wednesday night is the big rehearsal evening for most musicians with choir practice from 7:00 – 9:00 pm  and other special interest groups meeting a little before or a little after as needed. This rehearsal is a requirement to sing at the 11:00 am Sunday Mass but all are welcome. Rehearsal is typically divided into the first half being music specific to the larger 11:00 am choir and the second half being music for the upcoming weekend.

All musicians arrive one hour before the scheduled Mass time for rehearsal for that Mass.  5:00 pm Saturday and 8:30 am Sunday Masses do not have a mid-week rehearsal. All other rehearsals are as needed and scheduled according to the needs of the group. Students – time can be counted as service hours both for school and church needs.

Helpful Attributes:

The ability to sing on pitch or to play your instrument at least at the intermediate level is a good starting point. Being able to read music and learn quickly are helpful attributes if your preferred Mass is one with no mid-week rehearsal. Above all, an open mind and willingness to learn and create together to transform notes and sounds into prayer is essential.

Contact Michelle Nehrbass, Music Director