Pastoral Advisory Council (PAC)

The PAC assists the pastor in overall planning and decision-making for the parish, advising the pastor on important matters of pastoral activity. The PAC also serves as a vehicle for communication among the pastor, the parish staff, the parish commissions and general membership.

Meetings are generally one hour per month to and include the discussion of various parish issues. The PAC provides input and counsel to Fr. Tom.

Occasional, the PAC will form an ad hoc sub-committee to address special issues or tackle other tasks.

Generally, members experience a time commitment of less than three hours per month.

Helpful member attributes include an active prayer life, and the ability to listen, discern, and provide thoughtful/prayerful advice and input to further the Kingdom of God here at St. Francis.

 St Francis of Assisi PAC Charter – Feb 16, 2016

PAC Members

Roger Dunlap - PAC Vice Chariperson

Roger Dunlap – PAC Chairperson

Ruth Addison – PAC Secretary

Louise Carter

Louise Carter

Robin Chew

Robin Chew


Andy DeVito

Michael Freil

Michael Freil


Ann Moell



Delaney Smith (not pictured)




Lauren Rau


Questions, inquiries, comments may be sent to the current PAC Chairperson: Roger Dunlap