Generations of Faith

Description:The Generations of Faith ministry works to fulfill our Franciscan-formed family’s commitment to lifelong learning as individuals and as a faith community. We journey with each other in deepening our shared faith by participating in meaningful Whole Community Catechesis.

Our Generation of Faith events are focused on our parish mission to be “drawn together by Christ to worship and grow” preparing us “to be sent forth by Him in joy to serve, inspire and share his Gospel of love”: preparing adults and children to celebrate liturgical or parish events with better understanding and more meaningful participation.

All ages study about the same topic, sometimes together and sometimes at
their own level.

A Wide range of Activities
& Events have been held:

St. Francis Fire

Advent Adventure

Lenten Service

What Makes Us Catholic


St. Joseph Table

Care for Creation

Works of Mercy

A Walk through the Mass

Time Commitment:

Gatherings are usually 2-3 hours on a Sunday, but may be held at other times as appropriate.

Planning team meets monthly to plan 4-6 gatherings a year. Dates and times are chosen to fit team members’ schedules.

Reasons why you should come:

~ God is whispering, “Come and get to know me better.”  You’ll have time to explore your personal faith journey.

~ Spend some quality time with your family.  As a parent, you will have a chance to learn about your faith together with your children. You will be empowered to teach the faith to your children.

~ You’ll be helping to unify our parish community and  learning to worship more meaningfully.

~ Do you need to spend a little time away from the kids and talk to adults?

~ Teens, college students, singles, empty nesters, new parishioners – everyone will have a chance to meet and to connect with more people in the parish.

~ You’ll find answers to the question,
“Why do Catholics do that?”

Plus the snacks are super and
we’ll have fun!


Any Faith Formation staff member:

Christine McGrath          Christen Aquino               Phyllis Wilemaitis