Returning to Mass


We hope these videos will help you feel more comfortable with the new guidelines when returning to Mass.

The first video is about entering the Church, and seating: in the pews, Friendship Hall, and the St. John Paul II room.  The Mass will be streamed into Friendship Hall and St. John Paul II Room.  Christian charity will guide us during these times.
If all of the rooms are full we ask you to wait either in your car or on the parish grounds.  We encourage you to bring a device to stream the Mass.  If you do not have a device to stream the Mass, we understand if you would need to return either to another weekend Mass or the next day.  
While these procedures are new, they may be frustrating and even unnerving since we live in a time of uncertainty.  We hope as a parish to give you a retreat during these times of pandemic.  Remember the only way we will get through this is together knowing that we are the family of God.  Only united in Christ will we help each other through these times as the people of St. Francis of Assisi Parish. 

Returning to Mass Receiving Communion
Returning to Mass Odds and Ends

No holding hands during the Our Father prayer. Other topics demonstrated: the Sign of Peace, collection, leaving Mass, and socializing after Mass.