Precious Planet – About Our Ministry

Precious Planet Ministry in Action

Guided by our parish mission statement and following in the footsteps of our patron, St. Francis of Assisi, Precious Planet Ministry encourages parishioners to be thoughtful stewards of Creation. Our call to protect Creation is a major theme of Catholic Social Teaching. Precious Planet Ministry promotes opportunities for learning and challenges parishioners to make changes in their daily lives to protect Creation and create a sustainable future for all people of the world.

Recycling in Friendship Hall – A bin that collects plastic, glass, and aluminum is maintained by ministry members. Please follow the recycling directions on the bin.

Heavy Cardboard Recycling – A Ministry member brings heavy cardboard downtown for recycling. The parish collects a surprising amount!

We provide opportunities that will connect parish members with our natural world and increases our understanding of our call to environmental stewardship.

Cool Congregations: Solving Climate Change One Family at a Time.

Concerned about climate change? Ever wonder what your own carbon footprint is? Complete the carbon footprint checklist and return it to Louise at Based on material from Ohio’s Interfaith Power and Light Cool Congregations Carbon Footprint Project (, participants measure their carbon footprint, find ways to reduce it, and pledge these reductions to their faith community.