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Jesus Calms the Storm! - Ordinary Time 12B


Let us pray.
Dear God,
We know you are always with us. Sometimes we forget this, especially when we are really scared. Help us remember to turn to you always and give us faith to know you are always there. In Jesus we ask this,

  • What do you think the disciples were saying to each other before they finally woke up Jesus?
  • What do you think they might have said to each other after Jesus’ calmed the storm?
  • Why was it important for the apostles to know that Jesus could calm the sea?

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In the Prayers of the Faithful, we offer prayers to God for the salvation of all. How do we respond to each of those prayers? 


The Sea of Galilee’s location makes it subject to sudden and violent storms as the wind comes over the eastern mountains and drops suddenly onto the sea, which is 700 feet below sea level. Storms are especially likely when an east wind blows cool air over the warm air that covers the sea. The cold air (being heavier) drops as the warm air rises. This sudden change can produce surprisingly furious storms in a short time, just as it did in Jesus’ day.

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Family Challenge

Write out the verse from Isaiah 41:10 and place it in a spot that will be a daily reminder for your family to trust God in times of fear: “Do not fear: I am with you; do not be anxious: I am your God. I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my victorious right hand” – Isaiah 41:10.

Plant a Garden

If you don’t have a storm like we hear about in today’s Gospel, create your own garden in a dedicated space in your backyard or in pots. Plant your seeds in rich soil and water them as needed. Be sure they get the right amount of sunlight. Over time, you can watch your seeds grow!

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Catholic Kids Media is an effort to evangelize the culture, providing quality Catholic programming for kids that does not water down Catholicism. They develop resources for parents and teachers to instruct children in the Faith and practices of prayer.  You can visit their YouTube Channel here.

52 Sundays contains unique content for each Sunday of the calendar year.  To help all families reclaim the Lord’s Day and grow in the habits of discipleship, the Archdiocese of Detroit created 52 Sundays, a weekly resource that provides a structure for living Sunday in a distinctly Catholic way.  You can visit that website here.

The Kids’ Bulletins are a resource for Catholic kids who would like to have some fun while learning about the readings from the Sunday Mass every week. (Ordinary Form)  They are made by a mom in Canada who is happy to share them with anyone who can use them to help learn or teach about the truth and beauty of the Faith.  You can visit her website here.

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