JH Youth Ministry Reviews

What are parents saying about Jr. High Youth Ministry?

“Jessica, our daughter, enjoyed her three Jr High years in the Core Team. Jessica was shy at first, but made lots of friends, learned leadership and planning skills through the Retreats and event planning and most of all… enhanced her relationship with God!!! Jim, my husband, has truly enjoyed also helping at the events and is always amazed at how creative the core team members are in planning the activities and at how very much fun we have. As parents we have made life -long friendships with other like minded parents and families! Our family still reflects on our ‘shared experience’ of all that is wonderful in the fellowship that is Core Team.”

“I would like to encourage all parents of junior high-aged youth to explore the programs that St. Francis has to offer for this unique group of individuals. “–
“As a parent, I was able to watch Sydney grow in her faith as she participated (very hesitantly at first) in the many events offered by Kids for Christ. She was able to not only attend faith formation classes, but she also helped with Vacation Bible School (she even got her older brother to help out), attended retreats, and later helped to lead retreats as a Kids For Christ volunteer.
I have to give credit here to the adults involved in the program as well. They were kind, inviting, never judging, encouraging, and most importantly, dedicated mentors (and they are FUN people).”

“I have enjoyed getting to know other junior high parents by being part of the Adult Core Team. I feel that this has been a great opportunity to have a positive influence on these young people at an important time in their continued faith journey. My son has really enjoyed Kids for Christ events this year. It has been a great opportunity for him to meet kids from other school districts in a positive and fun environment.”
~ Susan

“My daughter and I have been involved with the Junior High Core Team and Kids for Christ events for 3 years now. It has been an awesome experience! Core team is an excellent opportunity to work with Catholic youth and their parents. The core team members are from various schools, so it is also an opportunity for the kids to meet and interact with kids outside of their school. Everyone has a chance to voice an idea or share an opinion. As a parent I have enjoyed working with the students and getting to know other parents as well.”

“Kids for Christ and the Jr. High Core Team have been an invaluable experience for my son. He enjoys being a valuable part of a group of kids in our parish, planning the events, helping come up with solutions to problems encountered during the planning process, and providing ideas for future events. He has a great time with the other Jr. High kids talking, playing, and brainstorming together. The Core Team has been both his draw to participate (because that’s where he gets inside information about upcoming events) and also the piece that keeps him coming back. I like that my son participates in Kids for Christ events because I know he’s going to spend time talking with other kids, learn how to be a leader within a group, and come home excited. It’s also important to me that Kids for Christ and Jr. High Core Team encourage our otherwise introverted son to have positive, goal oriented interactions with others in a safe, supportive environment.”

“My oldest daughter was on the Core Team at St. Francis of Assisi all 3 years of middle school. She loved it, and I really enjoyed being a volunteer. The activities were amazing. The amazing part is that the kids participate in the activities to develop their relationships and team building. My youngest daughter is going into 6th grade next year, and she is so excited to experience some of the things that her sister experienced. I look forward to another 3 years of being an adult volunteer with our awesome Core Team at St. Francis of Assisi.”
~ Amy