Culture of Prayer

The Amazing Parish Movement describes a parish as a place of joyful prayer.  People who work or volunteer there will find themselves stopping to pray, often, for the intentions of the work they’re doing.  Whether they’re meeting with the pastor, planning a summer Bible program for young people, or preparing for an RCIA class, they will stop for a moment or a minute or longer to ask God to bless and guide their efforts.

People in an amazing parish know that God is present, and that His will is paramount; and they will regularly do what Jesus commanded and be persistent in their requests for His guidance and blessing.  In sleepy parishes, prayer is seen as a mere formality, and not something that is a constant activity in the daily pursuit of goals and activities.

Intentional Prayer as individuals, staff and a parish is of utmost importance.   We pray together every day at Mass, in our ministries and prayer groups.  The parish staff prays together every day before we open the office.  The culture of prayer is to welcome God into our everyday life and in the life of the parish.

Intentional Prayer as a Parish Community

  • Parish Prayer Chain (these intentions are also included at mass every day)
  • Community Rosaries
  • Prayer labyrinth
  • Stations of the Cross: both in the Church and on our grounds
  • Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament
  • Prayer at the beginning of every meeting for God’s guidance

Personal Prayer

Our personal prayer time is the rock of our daily life of faith.  It is what connects our reception of the Eucharist each time we receive it.  We need to take time each day and commune with God and rest in Him.  The Catholic tradition has a wealth of spiritualities and prayer experiences.   Seek out different personal prayer experiences:

  • Scripture
  • Rosary
  • prayer group
  • daily devotional
  • meditative prayer