Culture of Healthy Teamwork

An amazing parish will be one of camaraderie, teamwork and alignment.  People will be aware of and interested in the work of the entire parish, not just their individual department or program.  Silos and divisions will be minimal in an amazing parish.  From the pastor and his leadership team, to the parish secretary, to the ministry leader. There will be a spirit of oneness, a sense that every activity is connected, and that everyone involved is part of a unified effort.  There is no room for politics and division in such a place.


Trust is the foundation of a good team.  Trust is about being vulnerable.  The only way to gain trust is if concerns or problems aren’t buried and there are no hidden agendas.  Trust is gained through time and evidence.  

Conflict Management 

Great relationships are not characterized by the absence of conflict, but actually the ability to repair after a break (conflict).  Things that are damaging to relationships include passive or sarcastic comments and gossip.


Buy-in does not require consensus.  Buy-in requires discussing and believing in the team and the organization.  The more we weigh in and discuss the more we will have commitment because of searching for the best answer and response.


High standards drive accountability.  Accountability often has a negative connotation, but it is not necessarily negative.  Accountability is simply having high standards and taking responsibility, which includes both reprimands and praising.  It is not about keeping score.

Focusing on Results 

There is no status or ego.  It is not about us individually.  We must believe that If the team fails, I fail and If I succeed, we succeed.