Mental Health Ministry

Thriving not just Surviving

Mental Health Ministry Mission Statement:

To further the well-being and support of the mentally ill and their families and/or caregivers in three ways:

1) Education:  Educate the people of the parish about mental illness, utilizing information from National Catholic Partnership on Disability (NCPD), National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI),  and other resources.

2) Support:  Help the mentally ill expand their support system or network by being able to be open with more people about their  illness.  Build a support network for caregivers of the mentally ill as well.

3) Developing talents:  Help those with mental illness to identify their talents and facilitate and/or overcome obstacles to help them to develop their gifts in positive ways.


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Contact information:

Barb Komoff,

Karen Nagy,

Jack Sederstrand,

Mary Ellen Singer