Safe Environment & Virtus Training

St. Francis of Assisi Church complies with the Decree on Child Protection which is promulgated by the Archdiocese of Cincinnati. Our fingerprinting policy includes manual fingerprinting for employees and electronic background checks for all employees and volunteers.

Saint Francis of Assisi Church enforces the Archdiocesan policy for protecting children.  All employees of Francis of Assisi Church adhere to the Child Protection Decree, get fingerprinted, and have a background check.

Volunteers at the parish must also adhere to the Child Protection Decree and have a background check prior to volunteering.  All employees and volunteers must be current in our Virtus monthly child protection bulletins.

Virtus Training

VIRTUS is the program by which volunteers, clergy, and employees are trained in the Child Protection Decree to promote a safe environment for our youth. All regular volunteers, clergy, and employees of
the Archdiocese of Cincinnati are required to take
the live VIRTUS training session and complete a background check.

In order to work with children in the Archdiocese of Cincinnati you must do three things: 

  1. Attend a VIRTUS Live Training Course
  2. Complete a background check and fingerprinting if your position requires it
  3. Complete monthly bulletins for as long as you are authorized to volunteer.

1. Attend a VIRTUS Live Training Course. 
What is VIRTUS? Virtus is the National program that the Archdiocese of Cincinnati implements to train volunteers in the Child Protection Decree.  The goal of VIRTUS is to raise awareness about child abuse and give staff and volunteers strategies to prevent and if necessary report abuse.
Who needs to complete VIRTUS training? According to the Archdiocese of Cincinnati Decree on Child Protection, all clergy, all employees of the church or school and all regular volunteers must complete the VIRTUS training. A regular volunteer is defined by the Decree on Child Protection as, “an adult who is not a cleric or employee (for example, a catechist, scout leader, coach, server coordinator etc.) who functions in a regular relationship having contact with children. . . For example, a regular volunteer is one who has contact with children:
– On any overnight event
– On at least a monthly basis
– In a multi-day program (e.g. Vacation Bible School
In brief, any volunteer who desires to volunteer with children for more than one hour, should complete VIRTUS training.

If you do not have a VIRTUS account and would like to volunteer
Create a VIRTUS ( account and attend a live training session.
Once registered in Virtus, you will be able to view a list of available classes throughout the Archdiocese. You do not have to take a VIRTUS class at St. Francis, you can choose a time and location that is convenient for you.
You will be prompted to complete a background check at the time of your VIRTUS registration. Please call the Parish Office regarding payment methods for the background check.
Please complete your background check ONLY by logging into, going to the “Toolbox” tab, and clicking the yellow “Bakcground Check” link. Do NOT complete your background check by going directly to “”.

2- Background Checks 
All volunteers who work with children must complete an online background check through a third party service called “”.
 High School coaches, clergy, religious, employees, and teachers will need to complete the “” background check and be fingerprinted.
All other volunteers are only required to complete the online background check.

How do I complete the Background Check?
Do you already have a VIRTUS account?
If yes, complete a background check by logging on to your VIRTUS account. Under the “Toolbox” tab, click on the link on the left side of the page that says “ Background Check” and follow the prompts.
Please call the Parish Office regarding payment methods for the background check.

I work at Public School/Health Organization/Social Service Organization etc. do I have to complete a background check even though I have completed one through my employer?
If your school or organization is not part of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati, then YES, you do need to complete the online “” background check.

3-Complete Monthly Bulletins
What are Monthly Bulletins? Once you have completed the VIRTUS training session, you are required to complete monthly bulletins. A Monthly Bulletin is a brief article and contains a multiple-choice question. You are required to read the article and answer the multiple choice question at the bottom of the page.

How do I complete my Monthly Bulletin?
In order to access your monthly bulletin, log on to with the username and password you created when you registered for the training session. The monthly bulletins are located under the “Training” tab. You may receive an email reminder regarding the monthly bulletins. You do not have to receive a reminder email to complete you bulletins, you can simply log on to Set a reminder in your phone for the 15th of each month to be proactive and stay current on your bulletins.

What happens if I do not complete my Monthly Bulletin?
The Archdiocese of Cincinnati starts to deactivate those that have missed 3 or more bulletins. Anyone who has missed 18 or more, will be required to complete a 1.5 hour online module.