Youth Faith Formation

Important Registration Information

Early Bird Registration
for St. Francis parishioners only
May 9th through May 31st

Elementary and Jr. High

We have formal faith formation programs available in several formats:
In-person, Homeschool, and a Family Program
Contact the Faith Formation Secretary at (937) 433-1013 x 1006 or with any questions.

In person classes:
Sunday 9:45am – 10:55am (Grades 1-8)
Wednesday 4:30pm – 5:45pm (Grades 1-8)
Start Date September 11

These classes are held on the church campus with trained catechists using approved textbooks and other resources.

Home School:
Available for Grades 1-8
Parent Meeting is in the fall

We offer a way for you to teach your child in grades 1-8 at home. With registration you receive a student text, parent support, and other resource helps. The Coordinators of Elementary Faith Formation and Junior High Youth Ministry are available for help or questions. Other activities include Generations of Faith gatherings and Liturgy of the Word with Children.

Important Note:
Session offerings are subject to change if we cannot comply with COVID guidelines, provide a catechist, catechist assistant, and/or reach adequate enrollment.

How to Register:

Available Online

**When you fill out the registration form, digitally sign it to indicate that you agree to the policies and procedures in the 2022-23 Handbook.

All registrations are online

Please note that the Medical Release form is now built into the online registration.

2 Payment options

In the registration form through Paypal.

To pay with cash or check, select “offline payment” in the registration form and please turn in money to the parish office.

Confirmation Email:


Registration IS NOT COMPLETE until
we have received:

1. The Registration Form
2. The Medical Release Form (part of the online registration)
3. Your payment

You have received a confirmation email from the
Faith Formation Secretary.

Thanks for your interest and participation, you may contact any of us by clicking below!

Christine McGrath/Elementary

Phyllis Wilemaitis/Jr. High
Hyla Pitsenbarger/Sr. High
Jill Irlbeck/Faith Formation Secretary

*Availability of classroom space is based on a first come first serve basis.