Faith Formation Commission


The Faith Formation Commission is a coordinating body of all catechetical programs for St. Francis of Assisi Parish.  Its most important duty is to implement policies of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati and the Archdiocesan Commission on Education at the local level.

The activities, programs and established policies sponsored or enacted by this Commission are ultimately under the authority and regulation of the Pastor and Pastoral Advisory Council of St. Francis of Assisi Parish.  In the development of its policies, the Commission must ensure that these follow the intent and spirit of the policies laid down by the Archdiocesan Commission on Education.

Activities & Events:

  • Act as a liaison body for education related activities outside the parish as directed by the Pastor and Pastoral Advisory Council.
  • Interpret policies of the Archdiocese for Staff (paid and volunteer) as required.
  • Recommend such policies under which administration shall operate, in matters where the Archdiocese has not promulgated policies.
  • Determine whether policies are being carried out according to the will
    of the Archdiocese and the Pastoral Advisory Council.
  • Evaluate adequacy of policies and  effectiveness of implementation.
  • Review proposed annual budget and secure budget adherence.
  • Study and implement all directives given to the Commission by the Pastoral Advisory Council.

Time Commitment:

The Commission typically meets 6-10 times per year and meetings are one hour or less.  Non staff Commission members are also expected to evaluate and report on any Parish catechetical programs or activities in which they participate.

Helpful Attributes:

  • Be a Faithful/Active member of St. Francis of Assisi parish community.
  • Be able to work creatively in a team environment and willing to commit to initiate, evaluate, and recommend lifelong faith formation that promotes the Gospel way of life.
  • Willingness to take responsibility to plan and organize individual components of programs/events, as determined by team.
Contact: Call the parish office at (937) 433-1013 and ask for Cheri Rotterman’s email address