Beacons of Light FAQ

Here is a list of Beacons of Light frequently asked questions.
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All churches are being asked to consider eliminating a mass before July 1, 2022 when the attendance is below 40% of capacity. With this and other parameters in mind, the family mass schedule was changed

The goal is that as time moves along, the pastor delegates more duties to his staff, Deacons, and the laity. Training will certainly be needed for all those involved.

The name of each individual church cannot easily change, if even possible, cannonically. A possibility is that each family adopts a new family name. For example: Our family name could be “Nativity Catholic Church” and we would have “Incarnation Campus” and “St. Francis Campus.”  During the transition process which will take years, we will strive to share our histories, cultures, etc. with our new family and learn about theirs.

The Archdiocese will be releasing a step by step process for all parish families to use as we move forward. One of the first steps will be the creation of a “Beacon Committee” or such. This group will include leadership from all the churches in the family as determined by the Pastor.

It is unlikely that this will occur in our situation.

Yes and no…(use these three resources to explain)

Eventually the PAC / Parish Councils will combine to work as one. The Finance Councils must stay as separate entities until the establishment of the parish family is finalized.