Social Action Commission

… to engage St. Francis Parish in vibrant and effective ministry, helping parishioners to follow Jesus’ example and mandate to care for the poor, powerless, and marginalized of both local and world-wide communities.
· Evaluating the quality and breadth of parish ministries, with parishioner input
· Developing and reviewing pertinent parish policies
· Communicating with Social Action committees, parishioners, and outside social concerns and justice groups.
Time Commitment
Members attend meetings the third Tuesday of each month, except July and December, 6:30-7:30 p.m.
They review the agenda ahead of time to prepare for active participation.
Other responsibilities are periodic, brief and rare.
Members value Social Action as an important component of their own faith lives, and are comfortable with “big-picture” planning activities.

Contact is Chuck Martinson

Click here for the Grant Application: Grant application – bulletin

Social Action Commission Grant Committee
St. Francis Parish has a strong commitment to the needs of the poor on an international, national and local level. We participate in activities through volunteering and financial donations to the ministries that reflect our values as Catholics and the mission of St. Francis of Assisi Parish. Parishioners have an opportunity to contribute through the monthly envelope “St. Francis Parish Outreach.”

Funds are distributed annually to organizations which reflect the following criteria:
  1. Is consistent with the Gospel and Catholic Social Teaching.
  2. Empowers parishioners to involve themselves in some work of compassion.
  3. Makes a significant impact on the Community.
  4. Allows follow up to demonstrate how funding was used in the previous year.

A committee of parishioners is responsible for reviewing criteria, determining priorities for funding, distributing funds, and follow-up to ensure funds have been used by the organization in accordance with above

Members meet several times in the beginning of the calendar year.

Contact Lou Bede  if interested in volunteering, for grant application materials or more information.