The Parish Library serves the spiritual and educational growth of our community by providing a dynamic and collaborative resource collection of quality materials in the Roman Catholic tradition. We invite you to visit our Parish Library located in the Gathering Space looking out on the St. Francis Garden. The collection of books, DVDs and CDs is constantly growing. We welcome all browsers and readers.



Enter date, name, and phone number on the checkout card for the item you wish to borrow. Place card in file box on shelf or give it to a volunteer. Volunteers are available after all weekend masses to help you find your selection, answer any questions you may have, and help you to sign out material.


Please help us keep our parish library material circulating:

BOOKS- Return within one month

MULTI-MEDIA – Return within 2 weeks

Place returned material in receptacle so we may re-shelve.


The exception to the rule:

For high value items the borrowing procedure is different. Some selections will be kept in the church office and not on the shelves. In order to borrow these, please contact Mary Ellen Singer to arrange for signing out the selection. The same return timeline as regular selections will apply.

A reminder call will be made for any overdue items. After two attempts to contact the borrower, a letter will be sent.


St. Francis of Assisi Parish Library Category Links

Catechism & General Theology                             Liturgy                                                    Sacrament

Church                                                                         Marriage & Familly                              Saints, Mary, & Biographies

General Inspiration                                                 Moral & Social Justice                        Scripture

Jesus Christ                                                                 Prayer                                                    Spirituality

Life Issues                                                                   Reference                                              World Religion




For those who would like to volunteer:


Assisting patrons after masses. On-going activities include data entry, preparing books and media for circulation, shelving, reviewing books and media, word processing and graphics. A major activity is the annual used book sale which supports the library.
Time Commitment:

Library volunteers are available after Saturday and Sunday Masses for a 20 minute period. Committee members attend an afternoon planning meeting on the second Monday of each month. Volunteers are also needed for the annual used book sale.
Helpful Attributes:

A willingness to help our community grow spiritually. Friendly, non judgmental attitude, an interest in reading. No previous library experience required.

For more information contact: Jane Moore