Centering Prayer

Centering Prayer is a deep relationship with God and a method to foster that relationship. It is a spiritual practice that is rooted in the deep awareness that God is dwelling within us. At our center we are not empty, but full of God’s love. Through Centering Prayer we seek a loving communion with God that strengthens us and makes up deeply receptive to God’s presence and action in our lives.
Centering Prayer members meet one time a week to pray together as a group on Tuesday mornings at 9:20 AM. In addition to group prayer, members pray at home twice a day.  In the spring, and fall we have a Centering Prayer Mass at St. Francis, celebrated by Father Tom.  Once a year we have a one day retreat and once a year we participate in a United Day of Prayer with people around the globe. Members find that they grow spiritually and also that they bond deeply to the members of the prayer group.
Time Commitment:
A member would want to attend a group prayer meeting for one hour a week and pray at home twice a day for 20 minutes. Other activities during the year include two Masses, a one day retreat and a half day United Day of Prayer.
Helpful Attributes:
A desire to deepen your relationship with God as well as a commitment to daily prayer.
Contacts:  Mary Jane Nielsen