Bereavement Ministry

Bereavement serves families following the death of a loved one.

Some meet with family representatives to plan the Mass.

Many co-ordinate details, pass programs, lector or serve as Eucharistic ministers.

We also need people who send cards, make phone calls, or have computer skills.


In addition to attending funerals, we have about four meetings a year, usually on Wednesday nights.

We host an annual Memorial Mass and invite the families to return to remember and honor their deceased.

Adding some balance, we also have fun activities like an annual dinner outing and an appreciation banquet. We become good friends.


Time Commitment:

We currently help with about 45 funerals a year. No one attends all of these. Planners have additional time commitments of about 2 hours per session.

Helpful Attributes:

Good listener, flexible time schedule, friendly, compassionate, organized

Contact: Julie Weaver 937-428-9226 or via email at